The Journey

Aloha ya’ll! I am a lover of love, nature, and birthdays. I have a growing passion for change and never remember to get gas. My life is messy, real, and random- I can’t wait to share it with you.

My name is Nicholle. 6 years ago I married my best friend, Ry. We are originally from Michigan. Ry is in the Army which dictates a lot  (all) of our life.  The army lifestyle can be hard but it has also blessed us with so much. We live in Hawaii, with our 2 dogs and chameleon. I love to cook but I am a super picky eater. Ry is the adventurous eater and usually cons me into trying new things. I am obsessed with Hawaii, and all of its beauty. I desperately wish I could spend all of my time in the mountains or the ocean.

I am starting this blog to share my life, adventures, recipes, and tips and tricks that make my life easier. I am excited to take you along with me on this journey.

Let the adventure begin..

hotel pic